Service Fire Extinguisher

Why Do We Need Service?

  • Actually fire extinguishers are generally required to be serviced and inspected by a Fire Protection service company at least Annually for Internal Inspection & Renewal Bomba Certification. (For BOMBA EFEIS Requirement)

  • Check the maintenance label to be sure that the extinguisher is not due extended service, a new fire extinguisher need to purchase if exceeds ten shelf’s life.
  • Remove the discharge hose and check that it is free from obstruction, cracks and damage. Pass air through the discharge hose checking for blockages.

What Service We Have Provide?

  • Refill All Type Fire Extinguisher ( Dry Powder, Co2 & etc.)
  • Service & Maintenance all Type Extinguisher
  • Renew Bomba Certification (Bomba EFEIS)
  • Door-to-door Collection
  • Hydrostatic Test your cylinder 

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